what is the minimum age for scuba diving

There are many questions that need to be answered before you go on the adventure called scuba diving. In this article we will mostly talk about how old for scuba dive. The age is an important fact in scuba diving, so if you are asking yourself how old do you need to be for scuba diving here are the answers.

Introduction Into The World Of Scuba Diving

First of all you should know that scuba actually means “Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.” There are many beautiful things about scuba diving. It gives you an incredible feeling of weightless condition, breathtaking sights of underwater world and many other things that can never stop fascinating the observer. But as we all know, unfortunately people don't have the natural ability to enjoy the exploration of the sea world. After approximately 2 minutes spent under the water we have to return on the sea surface, because of the lack of air.

But as technology progressed and developed people eliminated that problem by inventing apparatus that enables us to spend much more time under water, without having the need to go out for some air. People first started diving holding their breath, and the only equipment they needed were just a mask, fins and diving suit. It was the equipment that enabled people to briefly experience “what it’s to be a fish.”

Who Can Do Scuba Diving

Water puts special demands on the man. Generally speaking, anyone who feels capable, if he or she is older than 14, can scuba dive. Another, more important question is who should scuba dive?

Usually, every average person of average health can scuba dive. One who suffers from a disease that cannot be controlled or taking therapy of diseases which may deteriorate by diving should avoid scuba dive.

Scuba diving provides a complete experience of the deep sea, but it also requires a lot more complex skills, training and special equipment. To be safe while scuba diving, except having skills and equipment, you need to be responsible and well informed. You should go scuba diving only if you are sure of your skills, equipment and health condition.

Upper age limit

The piece of advice for people that are over 40 years old is that they should get a detailed medical examination done, before starting with scuba diving.There is no upper age limit for scuba diving. The only thing that is important is that the health condition of the person should be on a high level, and that the person is well informed, with good diving skills.

No matter how old the person is, you should always scuba dive in pairs. Diver who is diving alone is permeable to himself. If you go scuba diving with the partner you will always have reserve dosage of air and his hand for help at the service. Diver shows his responsibility by quitting if not feeling ready or well. One important thing in diving in pairs is that if you are not experienced diver you should always dive with someone older who has more experience that you. Older and experienced diver is able for rational judging the situation, which cannot be expected by young diver

If the person is having any disturbance while being outside of the water, it can be serious problem at a depth of twenty or thirty meters under the water.


Soon after inventing that simple kind of equipment, came the idea about making something “bigger”, something that will be able to provide us with long time under sea surface. That was equipment for scuba diving. The basic parts of equipment are:

The autonomous diving apparatus is compressed air in the bottle. It helps you breathe under the water. Mask helps you to see things better in that surrounding. Fins are there to help you move faster and easier. Diving suit provides you with thermal protection and also keeps you save from injuries. To measure the time, depth, temperature, speed and amount of air in the bottle you should use dive computer.Scuba diving is recreation available to the masses that has millions of fans all over the world.

​You should go scuba diving only if you are sure of your skills, equipment and health condition.

Also read buying guide and purchase required accessories before heading out to scuba diving

Final Tips For Future Scuba Divers

While scuba diving one should have in mind that it’s essential to respect the nature – mostly sea, wind and the sun. If weather conditions cause any discomfort or apparent danger, one should not go scuba diving, regardless to person’s age.

​Keeping yourself save while scuba diving can not only help you stay healthy, but it can also help you live to your old age. So, with a good education and adherence to all the rules of safe diving you can dive at any reasonable age, if you feel ready.

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