What dive computer do I buy?

Because it is the one that marks us in real time the time of fund, the remaining time and the limits without deco, the essential data to dive safely. Because if we do not have it, in the end, we never rent it, or there are not enough to rent, or we do not know how to use the available ones. That's even knowing that each diver must use his computer and not trust one of his partners, thus incurring a serious safety error.

Because diving with a computer instead of boards will give us much more time in the background, more enjoyment of diving; Especially if we perform successive dives.In the market, there are a great variety of dive computers, all of them are valid for diving practice, as long as we choose correctly according to the type of dive that we want to perform.

And this is important, because we must know in advance, so we can select one properly. As for the characteristics of computers

How To Choose The Best Dive Computer 

The price:

How much can you spend For the Best Dive Computer ? This is the most limiting factor, so before you start the search, maybe it would be good to impose a spending limit according to your possibilities. It is also advisable to think long term. A computer lasts many years if you foresee that your type of diving is going to change perhaps it would be good to give you greater margin regarding cost.

Now the most important thing,if you can not afford the most affordable computer that meets your needs, wait and save, we do not recommend you buy a lower one that can be short in the medium term.

Gas mixtures:

almost all computers already allow at least dive with air and with NITROX up to 40%, but eye, without changing gas during the dive. If you are going to do technical diving at some point, it is more than recommended that your options include computers that allow at least two gasses during the same dive; Better yet three

Dive in altitude:

if you will dive in freshwater masses, make sure that the model you like allows you to change the height to which the dive site is located.

PC connection:

If you are a geek and you want to extract the data of your dives remember to check that the computer can connect to a PC, and purchase the connection cable in the same purchase as the computer, it is usually cheaper


The primary maintenance of a computer is the change of battery. There are some that will allow you to change it for yourself, while others require you to take it to the technical service. The other piece of computers that usually requires maintenance is the strap, you will almost certainly have to replace it during its lifetime

Maximum operating depth:

when your type of diving is technical, it is important that you verify how deep your computer can take you. It is very rare that we go beyond the usual maximum levels of computers, but in fact there are those who do, and not all computers are designed to descend more than 50 - 80 meters

Some computers available in the market, whose good results are contrasted, sorted by price ascending are:

Yes, there are so many more manufacturers, models and prices than these. The important thing is to have where to start and that you already have, right? If you have any doubts or want to ask us something concrete, references about models and stores, anything do not hesitate to write us!

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