How To Choose A Dive Computer

how to choose a dive computer

You’re looking for a dive computer that does what you need and is not a waste of money. Not sure what to choose? Don’t pull your hair out trying to figure it out on your own. Get help from professional divers or the PADI Dive location near you. If you can’t find such helpful resources, … Read more

What dive computer do I buy?

Dive Computer

Because it is the one that marks us in real time the time of fund, the remaining time and the limits without deco, the essential data to dive safely. Because if we do not have it, in the end, we never rent it, or there are not enough to rent, or we do not know … Read more

How to use a dive computer

dive computer

A dive computer is an important piece of equipment for any diver to have. Without it, there is no way of being sure whether the dive is a safe one or not. Before you buy a dive computer you may need to consider the kind of diving you are going to do and whether the type … Read more