5 Benefits of Scuba Diving in Kauai Hawaii

People do all kinds of adventurous things. It helps them grow and learn more about the world. Doing something unexpected can really make a difference in your life. For example, have you ever considered trying scuba diving? If you are the type of person that loves oceans and swimming, the next challenge for you would … Read more

5 Types of Buoyancy Compensators

Types of Buoyancy Compensators

A buoyancy compensators is a device used by divers to manage their flotation, such as keeping afloat, giving neutral buoyancy, and overall crucial to a diving experience. A benefit of this is the ability to provide both comfort and safety. Buoyancy compensators (BC) or Buoyancy compensation devices or Scuba  BCD assist a scuba diving in … Read more

Scuba Diving Rules and 4 Safety Tips

scuba diving rules

Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities in the entire world, particularly in the warmer summer months as well as in warmer parts of the world. What you may be pretty surprised, however, is that recreational diving itself is a relatively new sport/pastime that, although created back in the 50’s, didn’t become popular … Read more

Why Your Regulator Might Be Leaking

scuba regulator leaks

Something every diver dreads is getting wet and heading down only to have your buddy signal you that your regulator is leaking. As small as that little trickle of bubbles running to the surface, it still means an aborted dive for the safe and cautious, and anything more than the odd bubble should be treated … Read more

The Underwater Photography For Everyone

under water photography

If you are a beginner in the underwater photo, whether you already have an underwater camera or not. I propose here to end seven ideas received on the photo underwater. The sub-picture is reserved for experienced divers. You must first be a diver able to manage your buoyancy, and as it is learned from level 1 or open … Read more

How to Dive Underwater

under water diving

It seems simple enough to dive underwater and have fun doing so, but there are so many things to bear in mind if you want a safe and trouble-free diving experience. Take, for example, scuba diving, for which you will need breathing equipment to go underwater. Of course, not like any other form of diving, … Read more

Scuba Diving Photography Equipment List


The underwater world has captivated the human being forever. The photographers of nature, have in this photographic discipline an ally to get different shots. While this type of photography would give to write a monograph, I will try to give you a brief introduction to the technique that surrounds this type of photography. In this case, … Read more