5 Best Scuba Regulator 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Buying your own set of scuba regulator is the best way to improve on your underwater experience – in fact, it is the most quick and easy way to do it. When you own a personal regulator every other thing you need to make a good dive will fit in. When you are under water, a best scuba regulator will help you to breath comfortably so that you can be able to keep up with the underwater adventure. That said, a good scuba regulator acts as an underwater life support, this means you shouldn’t joke about it when you are picking one for yourself.

Top 5 Best Scuba Regulator: Editor's Pick

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Picking Scuba Regulator 

To be candid, scuba regulators are one of the most tedious under water gears to select as they are many brands, models with different specs in the market. First thing you should have in mind before jumping into the market for a scuba regulator is to think about how and where you are going to use it. Secondly, you should also think about the features you love and get a model that has almost all of your list features. Talking about features, here are the most prominent features you should check before buying a scuba regulator.

Piston or Diaphragm

 Scuba regulators are inbuilt with respiratory stages. The first stage can either be a piston or diaphragm. If you are a recreational diver, you can choose either one, although most divers prefer the piston-type first stages because they are built with fewer moving parts and are greatly reliable. Even though they are a little bit expensive, they are recommended as the perfect choice for deep diving.

Unbalanced or Balanced

Irrespective of the amount of air that is remaining in the tank or the depth of water that you have reached, a balanced scuba regulator will have a consistent air flow. Difficulty with breathing with the unbalanced type has been reported by most deep diving experts, especially when there is not enough air in the tank. So if you an addict deep sea diver, you will want to get the balanced type.

Valve Type - Yoke or Din Valve

There are two different valves you can use to attach a scuba regulator – Yoke or Din Valve. The Din system allows you to directly screw the regulator into the tank. If you are a cold water diver, then this option is good for you because it provides a stronger sealing. As for the Yoke valve type, the regulator is screwed just above the tank – this is the most popular type of valve as it is used all over the world. Why most people prefer this is because it is easier to mount the tank to the regulator with the yoke valve option.

Amount of Ports

Most scuba diving regulators usually come with 4 low pressure ports and sometimes with 1 or maybe 2 high pressure ports. The idea here is that, the more the number of ports the easier it is to comfortably set up your gear.That said, let’s look at some of the most affordable scuba diving regulators you can easily buy online.

5 Best Scuba Regulator Reviews:


Scubapro Regulator Review

This is one of the top line scuba regulator. The Scubapro MK25/A700 is built by one of the best and renowned scuba manufacturers. With this, you can easily breath irrespective of the position and depth that you have gone. If you are searching for a high quality and a reliable regulator, then you should check this out.

If you have the opportunity to try this out, you will also notice that all the internal parts are fully insulated to benefit cold water divers. That’s not all, it also comes with a first stage five low pressure ports making it a great choice for those who love to dive in cold waters.


  • The MK25/A700 Scuba Regulator is easy to Adjust
  • Very Comfortable
  • Provides an effortless breathing experience at 80 feet plus in a mid-40-degree water
  • Very Compatible with Nitrox
  •  Scubapro replaces every damage part as long as the equipment gets serviced once in a year.


  • Other than the price, none have been observed.


aqua lung diving regulator

The Aqua Long Core is one of U.S. most popular used scuba diving regulator. It is laced with outstanding features for just a mid-range price. Sometimes, the lubricator on your regulator can easily get washed away by water, that is not a problem anymore because the Aqua Long Core regulator comes with an auto closure device (ACD).

This device prevents corrosive water from the first stage valve, there making it a long lasting device. It also comes with a balance diaphragm that will provide you with superior and consistent breathing experience. This is also preferred because it comes with a variety of choice valve that you can easily interchange, you can have it in a yoke or din type system making it more user friendly.


  • Perfect for cold water diving
  • Highly resistant to freezing in water that are colder than 50oF.
  • Comes with an environmental sealing for excellent breathing at greater depths.
  • Great price for a scuba regulator with it features.
  • Covered by manufacturer’s warranty


  • The ports are sometimes tight you are adding a transmitter, otherwise they are not complaints.


sherwood sr2 diving regulator

If you are looking for something more advanced and makes you stand out before diving, then you should go for the Sherwood SR2 scuba diving regulator. You are also entitled to get a super flex hose which offer you 360O of head movement under water. Its flexibility is second to none, you will also notice a large flexible purge cover which makes it very easy to maintain. The Sherwood SR2 SRB200 is another top choice to consider if you are a cold water diver. It is incorporated with the Din Type valve system which make it possible to have a 100% sealing.


  • It is a completely dry and environmentally sealed scuba regulator.
  • Comes with five low pressure with an additional two high pressure ports making it easy to set up the gear.
  • Provides optimum balance thanks to its two-piece piston design.
  • Offers an amazing intermediate pressure control.
  • ​Comes with Nitrox ready for up to about 40%
  • Provides maximum comfort and feels weightless in water.


  • It doesn’t come with a regulator bag, but you can easily get that as an add-on item.


atomic t30titanium  regulator

If you are searching for the best regulator and money is not a problem, then the Atomic T3 Titanium scuba regulator is probably the best out there that comes with a premium price. It offers a lightweight, compact, and reliable package for pro divers. There is no scuba regulator with a 3 year/300 dives services warranty other than the Atomic T3, this actually means, you are guaranteed to perform amazing dives in exotic waters and places without getting your device serviced for at least 3 years or after 300 dives, this is just amazing for a scuba regulator.

The Atomic T3 Titanium scuba regulator delivers an all-time best performance that is expected from a high-end regulator. It is light in weight and corrosion free. If you are a travelling diver, then you should make this a companion. Even though it is quite expensive, you’ll be rest assured that you are getting exactly what you are paying for.


  • Superb breathing experience for a light weight gear
  • Comes with a great house routing due to swivel on the second stage, you will hardly notice the second stage in your mouth.
  • Durable
  • Comes with 3 years’ warranty


  • Very expensive but is worth every dollar you spend on it


aqua lung calypso regulator

The Aqua Lung Calypso QC Regulator is the perfect budget entry regulator for newbies who just want to try out great water depth. As low as it is sold, it comes with a 1st stage as well as a 2nd stage regulator alongside an L-P Hose for easier breathing and a clear and detailed owner’s manual to make fitting for newbies and pros very easy.

It has a large diver controlled venturi adjusting switch known as VAS which will help you minimize the sensitivity to free flow when you are on the surface, and also provides you with maximum airflow when you are down deep. Additionally, the Aqua Lung Calypso QC Regulator is the perfect choice for dive resorts, or new divers who want to test the oceans, or rental services due to its low price.


  • Simple design and can be handled easily by newbies
  • Sold for an attractive price
  • It is compact, light in weight and eat to service
  • Offer great breathing performance for its price.


  • Requires great care

Final Verdict

Overall, I hope you have already made the best selection of a scuba regulator that matches your water life style. All the above selected scuba regulators have been greatly complimented by professional water life style pros. They come with awesome functionalities that will certainly win your heart. The provide the best breathing experience for you, they are durable and flexible to adapt to any unforeseen change. Above all, they fit a variety of budget. Irrespective of your budget, you will still get to have one of these scuba regulators that will surely meet all your needs.