10 Best Dive Watch 2020 – Top Rated Watch For The Money

What is the best dive watch for a diver? The main thing to keep in mind is that not every watch labeled “water resistant” is actually a diver’s watch!

Top rated dive watches offer functionality, style, and quality – an awesome combination that you might find very appealing particularly among the more luxurious brands. It is possible to buy a dive watch for less than fifty dollars that, although low budget, is just as reliable as the high-end options that can be considered the best luxury dive watches on the market.

That being said, authentic dive watches are usually priced well above fifty bucks. Let’s be real. You won’t find solid diver’s watches with a starting price below $300 (unless it’s on special discount or something like that.) You know you’re in the luxury arena when the price point hits in the thousand dollar range.

Whatever your reason for choosing the best dive watch, there are some things to consider when making your selection.

Top 3 Best Dive Watch picks:

Dive Watch
Editor's Rating
Citizen Eco-Drive Men's BN0151-09L
Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Analog Diver's Watch
SEIKO PROSPEX Men's watches

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Top Rated Dive Watch


The kind of power used by your dive watch is what makes it tick, literally. Not all watches are, however, created equal. For any analog dive watch considered the best dive watch the caliber, that is the watch’s movement mechanism that guides the hands, is very important. There are two types, the mechanical and the quartz. Most of the best luxury dive watches operate with a mechanical system.

The attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship that go into building mechanical analog watches is what set them among the most sought after dive watches on the market. Quartz watches are battery powered and do not require much maintenance. These watches are accurate and best of all, they are also more affordable and the best dive watch for the money for those on a budget.

Readable displays

Even the best dive watch should allow you to clearly see what is displayed on the screen or on its face. That is because, for most dives, you will be operating with low or poor light. Notice that for dive watches, the display is big and bold, not small and weak. It must also glow. Another thing about the display is how uncluttered and to-the-point it is.

The typical dive watch has a simple, uncomplicated layout, with a few crucial information on its face. Even with poor eyesight, your dive watch should make it quite easy for you to find and read vital information during your dive.

Distinguishing Features

Dive watches for men and women should be so easy to use, even a complete novice should have no difficulty navigating its features. Features you can expect from watches designed for divers include:

  • It is made with long-lasting materials including ceramic, titanium, certain synthetic resins or rubber.
  • Some brands carry a valve that automatically releases helium. This is great for commercial divers who are expected to go to great depth and stay underwater for long periods (also called saturation diving). The helium valve prevents the crystal face from being blown away because of a build up of helium inside the watch.
  • The rotating bezel – this is how divers can tell the duration of the dive. As they enter the water, divers must align the zero on the bezel with the minute or second hand to start the measurement or calculation of the time that has passed during the dive.

Depth Ratings

On average, the typical dive watch is adequate up to 100 meters of snorkelling and swimming needs, and for a recreational dive, any dive watch with a rating of 200 or more meters is sufficient.

However, ensure that when you examine the watch you intend to purchase, it is telling you the ratings for a diver’s watch. Let’s say the watch is labeled “water-resistant 100 meters”. Is it the same thing as a diver’s 100 meter rating? It’s not! Check for the ISO 6425 specification which is a true indication of the depth rating for an authentic diver’s watch.


Speaking of ISO ratings, makers of the best dive watch that meets the demands of serious and recreational divers must also ensure that their product can stand up to the most rigorous of situations. You can check the ISO ratings of your dive watch for water resistance, shock, magnetic and chemical resistance, durability and other stress tests. The higher the rating for these tests, the more confidence you can place on the dive watch.

Let’s take a look at ten dive watches that can be listed among the best dive watch options on the market:

The 10 Best Dive Watch Review:

1. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Promaster Diver Watch

You can be confident that this offer from Citizens is great for your diving plans. The Citizen Eco-Drive men’s BN0151-09L Promaster Diver Watch is an ISO certified time piece for the professional diver. You will never need batteries as it is powered by reliable eco-drive technology using natural or artificial light. So you won’t need to disturb the back of your timepiece for changing batteries and mess up the inner workings of your watch. From the Citizen brand trusted for more than seventy-five years, expect the highest quality in this stainless steel timepiece.

Its polyurethane strap is meant to last under tough underwater conditions. A cool feature of this best dive watch for the money is the different luminescent color used for the non-numeral marks (blue) and the bezel’s mark (green). It is very accurate and trustworthy under water, the minute hand is lined with orange luminesence for you to easily see, and the second hand never misses its time. You will also notice the tight rotating bezel which carries ridged areas for a good grip when turning, and the unscrew before use crown – signs of a genuine diver’s watch.

Highlighted Features :

  • Water resistance of up to 200m
  • Nonreflective coating for easy reading
  • Rubber strap great for diving, long enough to go around a wetsuit (and for large wrists!)
  • Comfortable to wear, not too heavy
  • Easily readable non-numerical dots

2. Alpina Extreme Davie 1000 Meters Men’s Diving Watch

Your diving experience can be fun and fulfilling with the Alpina Extreme Diver 1000 Meters Mens 45mm Black face Black rubber Strap Luminescent Diving Watch. Made by the Alpina brand, these dive watches for men feature technology that has been perfected over almost a century. Every piece built for the Alpina Extreme Diver Collection carries water resistance of no less than 300 meters.

Expect the ISO 6425 standard of approval on these sturdy and rugged dive watches. Key features include a polished stainless steel casing, a rotating bezel coated with black PVD, large date window set at the three o’ clock position, and durable scratch resistant sapphire crystal face.

Highlighted Features :

  • Easy to read with white luminescence on hands, numerals, and other markers
  • Automatic movement, Swiss
  • Resistant to shock thanks to its Incabloc antishock system
  • Reserves power for 42 hours

Dive Watch Under $500

3. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Analog Watch

Let’s take another offer from Citizen. This time the Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Analog Diver’s Watch BN0085-01E. Key features of this best dive watch for the money include 300-meter water resistance, case back and crown that are screwed down, a bezel that rotates anti-clockwise and carries markers for origin, minute, and chapter, hard sapphire crystal, glow-in-the-dark time and dial markings. This is an extremely durable product which you should expect to stand up to the rigors of extended dives and other adventures for a long time.

Highlighted Features :

  • Easy to read in murky water
  • Durable yet comfortable rubber strap, easy adjustment when wearing gloves and wetsuit
  • Adequate sized display face
  • Stylish and functional
  • Crystal face that is hard to scratch

4. Jiusko Deep Sea Series Men’s Titanium Quartz Chronograph Dive Watch

The name says it all – a deep sea diving watch that is meant for the serious diver who knows what it’s like to rely on a trusty companion when in deep waters. The Jiusko Deep Sea Series Men’s Titanium Quartz Chronograph Dive Watch 76LSB12 is tough and durable. You know this is among authentic dive watches for men by its ISO certification and water resistance rating of 300 meters. It’s also a luxury watch that speaks volumes to your stylish tastes in timepieces, yet it comes at a fraction of the price usually commanded by luxury brands.

You know you are handling a diver’s watch when you see its sapphire crystal and scratch resistant ceramic bezel that stand up to any stress. All the markers and hands inside this watch can be easily read under any light conditions. This is a high caliber timepiece featuring acurately engineered Japanese chronograph quartz within plus or minus fifteen seconds per month. Its twenty-four-hour subdial positioned at 3 o’ clock tells whether it’s night or day. With it’s sixty minute timer, located at twelve o’ clock, you can measure the time for any dive you take, or anything else you like to track.

Highlighted Features :

  • Adjustable Bracelet
  • Water Resistance up to 300M
  • Stainless Steel Fold-over Deployment Clasp
  • Lightweight Titanium Case and Two-Tone Bracelet
  • Weight 4.96 Ounces

5. Citizen Promaster Diver

Another trusted model from the Citizen brand is the Citizen Men’s Promaster Diver Quartz Stainless Steel and Polyurethane Diving Watch. This option among the best luxury dive watches is appropriately priced for those who are concerned about the budget. With this reliable watch, you should never need to change batteries – it is completely powered by natural or other light.

Standard features include a crystal face with reduced glare, stainless steel casing with a diamond like coating for scratch resistance, a polyurethane strap for durability, a bezel that rotates to show your elapsed time, glowing markers and hands for easy reading in low light, and an automatic helium release valve. The mainly black, silver and cobalt color scheme makes this timepiece flexible enough for wear as a dive watch or for normal, everyday wear. Did we mention that it is also ISO certified for professional divers?

Highlighted Features :

  • Completely water resistant
  • No need to replace batteries, great in cases where specialist batteries are not easy to obtain anyway
  • Strap designed to fit any wrist size, and comfortably over wetsuits
  • The strap is also very soft and comfortable to wear and carries two loops for better securing.

6. Oris ProDriver Chronograph

It is no surprise that the Oris Men’s 67476557253RS Divers Analog Display Swiss Automatic Watch has found its place among our top picks as the best dive watch. This highly recommended timepiece is an innovation in the dive watch market with its rotation safety system that is regarded as the safest in the market. You will find this diver’s timepiece outfitted with highly visible counter displays that are easy to read no matter the condition during your dives.

The automatic helium release, as well as the self-winding chronograph system, also make it a safe device for divers. Expect durability from its titanium construction and easy reading with its luminescent markers and hands.

Highlighted Features :

  • Outer rim carries minute markers
  • Date display is easy to use – positioned at six o’ clock
  • Chronograph sub-dials display a quarter of a second, thirty minutes, and twelve hours.
  • Resistant underwater up to 500 meters – great for deep dives.

7. Seiko Prospex SRP775K1

Divers should also appreciate the Seiko Prospex SRP775K1 which is among the more recent dive watch models that have entered the best dive watch market. It features an easy to read dial and luminous marks and numbers for low light and dark waters. Its water resistance is rated at 200 meters, which is adequate for diving.

The bezel also rotates so that you can adjust it for measuring your elapsed time. It is also constructed mainly of stainless steel in both the case and the band and the face features Hardlex glass that adds to its durability. The crown can be screwed down as is the case back. It also features a trifold clasp and a secured lock along with a push button release and band extender.

Highlighted Features :

  • Easy to use under water
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to wear

8. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241455 Officers

OK, so this next diver’s watch is designed with gunmetal finish on a stainless steel case and a rubber strap that is black. Standard features include a bezel that moves counter-clockwise that is also coated with gunmetal PVD. All displays are luminous for easy reading and the minute marks on the external rim are to the twenty-four hour GMT scale, so anyone can use. You can take it for deep dives as it is water resistant to 500m. You will also clearly see the date at the 3 o’ clock position of these dive watches for men.

Highlighted Features :

  • Quartz movement
  • Stainless-steel case
  • Water-resistant to 1640 feet
  • Weight 1.1 Pounds

9. Luminox Dive Chronograph Black Dial Black Ion-plated Mens Watch

The great thing about the Luminox Dive Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch 8362RP is that it is built to last for a pretty long time. Its stainless steel construction on both case and band means that it will not deteriorate with constant contact with seawater. It will maintain its integrity even after years of rough handling. The sapphire face is also very durable and resistant to scratches. In fact, everything about the Luminox says tough and durable divers watch! A worthy candidate among dive watches for men. You will also get the most from this watch in low light as it carries both tritium vials on the hour marks and the luminescent paint on the hands. This means maximum glow when in dark places or at nights.

Highlighted Features :

  • Very accurate time keeper
  • Long lasting and scratch resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to adjust band

10. Oris Men’s Moonpointer Analog Display Swiss Automatic Watch

Here’s an automatic diver’s watch that is among dive watches for men – the Oris Men’s 76176827154RS Moonpointer Analog Display Swiss Automatic Watch. Expect strong durability from its titanium case and bracelet, and sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratches.

It’s an analog dive watch meant to provide easily readable date and time displays and, as an added bonus, carries a moonphase indicator. Notice that the date is shown at the five o’clock position, for easy reading. Your Oris dive watch is great for extreme depth – resistant to 1000 meters.

Highlighted Features :

  • long lasting because of its brushed and polished titanium.
  • Coating on crystal dome is anti-reflective to make reading easier
  • Automatic date correction feature
  • Has a 38 hours reserve power
  • Comes with a replacement rubber strap.

Final Verdict

There are many dive watch brands on the market and you might already have your own preferences. A few top brands of dive watches for men include Seiko, Omega, Citizens, Rolex, and Oris are easily recognized as producers of quality watches. You should find it easy to choose your dive watch from these and other top manufacturers.

Look for a highly rated dive watch that offers superior water resistance, high visibility under water, durability, and safety. Of course, your personal preference whether for a stylish or a sporty watch should guide your final choice.