Best Dive Lights 2020 – Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

A dive set is not complete without a best dive light. You’ll notice that once you own a dive light, you begin diving more frequently and trying all types of diving irrespective of the time – whether night or day, you will still dive at your will. But if you are planning on taking a dive in the wrecks or caves, or simply just want to take an adventure into the crack where they are colorful wildlife, then you will need to get a dive light, not just getting a diving light, but you need to have a good one for the money.

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Scuba Pro Under Water Diving Light

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Underwater Kinetics e-LED Light Cannon


Buying Guide:Things to Consider Before Choosing a Diving Light

They are so many types and qualities of diving light out there; the problem is how do you pick out the good one. Well, we have done the home work for you by presenting the basic points below

 Types of Diving Light

There are three types of dive lights, they are classified based on how they are being used – photo-video lights, primary lights and backup or secondary lights. Primary lights are great for night divers, they are very bright and comes with durable and long lasting batteries. The secondary light is usually used a back plan when the primary light fails. It is compact and light weight. For those who are planning to take some under water photos then the photo-video dive light is what you should be getting, they come with a brighter and wider light beam and can be easily mounted on strobes        

Beam Angle of Light

Diving lights usually comes with a wider or smaller beam angle. If you love diving in during the night, you should be getting a dive light with a wider beam angle in order to get maximum visibility of the surrounding area around you. As for light with small beam angles, they are usually used if you dive in murky water. A small beaming light will be useful when you want to look under ledges, or into the crevices. If you are tech savvy diver, then this is the best type of light beam for you.                            

Rechargeable of Disposable Batteries  


A dive light can come either with a traditional alkaline battery, CR123 lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries. Alkaline batteries are inexpensive and you can get them almost anywhere, but they have a really reduced life time. Although lithium batteries provide an excellent performance, they are way expensive than alkaline batteries, and most of the times you might find it hard to get from a remote diving location. So far, rechargeable batteries have proven to be the best choice for divers who dive frequently. They can be relatively cheap for their standard and above all the last longer.                                                                                                                     

Type of Light Material – Xenon, HID or LED

Dive lights are usually built with a xenon (incandescent), HID (High Intensity discharge) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) material. Xenon lights are less expensive, but don’t generally provide the kind of brightness an HID or LED will provide. Also xenon lights provide a warm natural color which is usually required by underwater photographers. On the other hand, an HID or LED dive light material will give you an unmatched brightness, energy efficiency and longevity. These are the most popular diving lights that are used within the dive community. They are durable and robust than a traditional xenon light.

So, that’s all about what you’ll need to consider before getting a scuba diving light. That said, we have put together the best dive light for the money based on the above criteria.

The 6 Best Dive Light Reviews :


1. Scuba Pro Under Water Diving Light Review

The Scuba Pro Under Water dive light is a medium size light that comes with great light intensity. It’s perfect for under water adventures as it can last between 14hrs to 18hrs. If you are a recreational diver, then you will want to get this. It comes with an LED which makes it a perfect back up light for technical dives. 

The casing is rugged and made from aluminum - this means this light is read to last for as long as you want it to. Above all, it is powered by three user friend C alkaline batteries - you can easily replace them. The focal beam is narrow while the edges of the beam is sharp enough for under water communication. You shouldn’t be getting this light If you want to look at thing very close, because you have to technically blind them with the light beam before they can be illuminated.


  • Inexpensive Batteries
  • Perfect for Recreational diving
  • Good backup light for technical dives
  • Comes with LED lights providing and unmatched brightness
  • Cheap and Durable


  • The bulb is not replaceable

2. Underwater Kinetics e-LED Light Cannon Review

If you are a casual night diver, or enjoy taking a dive into the reefs, then this is the torch for it. The Underwater Kinetics eLED Cannon provides an excellent illumination. The beams are even and comes with a magnificent rating of 825 lumens - This shows that you will get steady brightness as long as there is charge within the batteries, no matter how small it is.

That’s not all it maintains the brightness throughout its battery life. It comes packed with a 8 C-Cell size batteries having a regular battery life of up to 14hrs. One amazing thing divers loves about this light, is its flexibility - you can buy and optional rechargeable battery to interchange the 8 C-cell batteries if you need extra hours under water. When you are under water, you need to be comfortable with whatever you have in your hand, for that this torch light comes with a nice wrist lanyard which offer you a comfortable situation to handle it. You can also get an optional pistol grip for an even more comfortable under water handling.


  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Great for peeking into caves and under rocks


  • Glass may tend to fog up if you go really deep, but still lights up great


Do you always dive deeper than 50ft or are you looking for something that can let you see objects "very very" far ahead of you? Then you should check the Princeton Tec Sector 5 Maxibright LED torch. It weighs just 650g when include with the batteries making it one of the most comfortable dive lights you can carry around. Even though, the brightness is about 550 Lumens, it is still great at what it does - providing constant illumination throughout your stay under water.

Besides that, it has an amazing 24hrs burn time, so if you decided to have a full day under water, you dont need to worry about not being without light. This sector 5 dive has never been this convenient, thanks to the pistol grip which comes as a standard and the new trigger switch design which makes it more convenient to use this light with glooved hands. Beside the amazing trigger design, the trigger switch automatically locks to prevent battery drain and accidental illumination during storage or transit.


  • Very comfortable to travel with
  • No fatigue due to excellent pistol grip design
  • Excellent beam angle for better illumination
  • Compact and extremely bright
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Trigger can easily get broken if not handled with care

4. UK SL4 eLED L1 Dive Light Review

The UK SL4 e Led L1 Dive Light is generally perfect for tropical night dives. Even though at 400 lumens it comes with an average of 10 hours burn out time thanks to an incredible battery life. You'll also want to know that it comes with high intensity LEDs to give you the perfect light that you will require under water if you prefer tropical waters. It currently tops the chat for international dive travel.

So for those who travel a lot to take a dive, here is your companion, thanks to its compactness and narrow penetrating beams which has made it the perfect secondary dive light among it segment. The design is rigid and completely waterproofed; you don’t need to worry about your torch being flooded. One other thing that divers have really liked about this dive light is its distance. it can cover up to 622 ft. This means you can easily see the farthest of the oceans.


  • Comfortable and comes with a wrist lanyard too for better gripping
  • Long Lasting due to its Solid and Waterproofed design
  • Affordable
  • Very Bright at 400 lumens
  • Provide a long Lasting illumination for its capacity


  • Battery can get difficult to remove and replace for the first time, but after that, everything is a breeze

5. BlueFire 1100 Lumen Cree XM-L2 Review

The BlueFire 1100 Lumen Cree XM-L2 is the perfect gear for professional scuba divers and snorkelers and divers who wants to become pros. Its nicked named the Submarine light for its perfect and super bright illumination. There is no hassle or tussle under water with this gear. It comes updated with a CREE L2 LED - the best of its kind to give you the perfect illumination and beam angle for whatever you want to view under the water. It has three working modes, a strobe light and two brightness level. This means you do not need any backup plan, you just need to switch modes depending on the depth or area of water you find yourself in.

It also gets two convenient and comfortable guides - a lanyard and hand strap all fixed together to help you carry it and use under water in whatever way you choose to. If you always face the problem of your light fading once you get under water, then that is history. The BlueFire 1100 Lumen Cree XM-L2 comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery to offer you a long lasting solutions.


  • Long Lasting batteries
  • Consistent illumination throughout
  • Cheap for its features
  • Comes with triple ring seal for better water sealing


  • Can be difficult to change the modes if you are first timer
  • Does not come with a charger

6. Goldengulf 4000LM Scuba Cree XM-L L2 LED Review

The Goldengulf • None that we know Scuba Cree XM-L L2 is the right handy gear if you are a cave dive. I will like to call it a power packed gear. It comes with so many features that other dive lights have really neglected. First on the list is the magnetic control switch - this makes switching of and on a breeze unlike flip switches or thumb press switch which can get stuck or give room for leakage, the magnetic switch is perfectly sealed to prevent any form of water leakage.

So if you really want something that is going to last longer than you'll expect, then this is it. Unlike previous models, you don’t need to get a separate charger, it comes with battery and charger include alongside 3pcs of high quality Cree L2 LED light which offer supper brightness for looking into caves, creeks or under rocks. Beside those, it gives you a free LED keychain, which makes handling very nice and lovely even if your hands are gloved or big.


  • Easy to carry around thanks to its lightweight
  • Sends out unmatched brightness with even beam
  • Cost effective
  • ​Can be used as far as 130+ feet depth
  • Easy to insert battery and requires less maintenance


  • None that we know

Final Verdict

When you choose the right dive light, is a great way to enhance your dive experience. Not just that, your safety will also be assured. Besides that, under water life will be very cool. The above listed dive torches are perfect for a wide variety of water life - scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling. They are affordable and are the best dive lights for the money. Then are fixed with outstanding LED lights which offer you excellent brightness with an amazing beam angle that allows you to see through any object, especially in caves, reefs and creeks. Above that, their batteries are long lasting and you will definitely get the desired duration of light need from each of these light.

Furthermore, their grips are comfortable to be held, even if you dive regular with gloves or bare hands, or are your hands too small or big, you don’t need to worry any more, the list of dive lights above has grips perfect for every hand size.