5 Best Scuba Wetsuits Reviews 2020 – The Ultimate Buying Guide By an Expert

If you have ever been under water you will agree with me that the last thing you will want to experience is the rate with which you can get cold – It makes you shiver faster within few minutes on/in the water. Well, it is now a problem of the past, thanks to manufacturers who have made the water-life pleasurable with the invention of sophisticated wetsuits that keeps you warm and cozy as a fire during winters night.

They are not just thick; they are also laced with pleasant features that make them easy to get into. All you need to do is to pick out the right wetsuit that fits you and your needs – this is where I come in… to help you make the right choice.

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Buying Guide:Things to Consider When Choose Scuba Dive Wetsuit

Although there are few things to look out for, you should consider this process as the make or break point when buying a wetsuit. So we will be looking at what to consider before buying a wetsuit .

Type of Wetsuit

They are generally two type of wetsuit, first is the spring suit, this comes with short sleeves and short legs. It exposes the part of the leg and can go up to the knee level. The second and most popularly used swimsuit is the full body suit. It comes with long legs and long arms and they are perfect when you want your whole body to be sealed from water. They will cover the whole body parts – from the wrist to your ankles. Third on the list is a combination of one of the above type of wetsuits.

They are generally two type of wetsuit, first is the spring suit, this comes with short sleeves and short legs. It exposes the part of the leg and can go up to the knee level. The second and most popularly used swimsuit is the full body suit. It comes with long legs and long arms and they are perfect when you want your whole body to be sealed from water. They will cover the whole body parts – from the wrist to your ankles. Third on the list is a combination of one of the above type of wetsuits.

Wetsuit Thickness

The thickness of a wetsuit is measured in millimeters. For example, a wetsuit that is rated 3/2 means it is a 3mm thick wetsuit at the body portion and 2mm for the legs and arms. These are generally good thickness if you plan to take a dive or swim in very cold waters.

Flexibility and Body Fitness

As far as general fitting is a concern, you will want your wetsuit to be snug, but not very tight in a way that you find it difficult to breathe or move your body. If permitted, you can try it out and make movements that you will do during the activity you are buying the wetsuit for. For example, if you are getting a wetsuit for surfing, move your arms like you are actually paddling, stand up, or squat down, just move like you are actually on the water and be sure they are no restrictions.


A wetsuit seams is where the wet suit has been sewn together. The lesser the seams, the harder it is for water to get through the wetsuit or the harder it is for the wetsuit to come apart due to tear and wear. Wetsuits comes with glued seams and other reinforcements to prevent water from leaking and improve the warming capacity of the wetsuit.

Now that you know almost all what you should watch out for when buying wetsuits, let’s take a look at some of the best wetsuit brands you can easily buy online.

5 Best Scuba Wetsuits Reviews:

1.NeoSport Full Body  Wetsuits

If you dive or snorkel in a usually sunny water, you should check out the Full Body Sports Skin Neosport Wetsuit. It comes with a Lycra skin which acts as a UV protection and guards against sea lice and other biological irritants. For the divers and snorkelers, you’ll notice that this suit has a perfect fit across all body size.

It is incorporated with a long front zip that makes doffing and donning fast, another thing I find amazing about this wetsuit is that it has these technically designed foot stirrups that prevent the wetsuit from riding up your legs.Even though these suits are not great at protecting you against sea jellies, it is great at what it is manufactured for. It will greatly keep you from getting burned by UVs while snorkeling, and it does that really well.


  • Great for swimming in lakes, it is light and thin and fits very comfortably.
  • Great with UV protection.
  • Easy to get in and out of the suit making it a great wetsuit for working out.
  • Perfect full body skin wetsuit for its price.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Can’t really get you to float as it is very thin and light.
  • Not great for protecting you against Jelly Fish as they can easily sting through it.
  • It’s not actually a wetsuit that gets you warm underwater, usually used as a wetsuit liner.

2. U.S. Divers Full Adult Wetsuit

If you are looking for a wetsuit to keep you warm all the time from the cold water, then you will need to go for the U.S divers full adult wetsuit. The U.S divers are one of the most popular wetsuit brands that even other divers, snorkelers or surfing addicts will recommend to you. It is made with good quality materials that offer a great combination of style, fit, and performance.

One thing most people have loved about this suit is its titanium blended 3-mm chest panels. During frigid conditions, the titanium reflects heat from the water to keep your body as warm as possible.To increase body flexibility, the suit is laced with a super stretch panel located on the arm sides. With this suit, you can stay under water for several hours without water getting to touch your body, thanks to the neoskin seals which have been newly incorporated at the neck, wrist, wrists and legs.


  • Comes with a decent material, it is not too stiff as well as not too sticky.
  • It’s light and flexible and can allow you to make a wide range of body movement under/on water.
  • Great stitching seams that makes you look outstanding.
  • You will nicely float with this wetsuits, for triathlons the sleeveless model will do much better.
  • Durable and comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Upper position around the neck area is relatively small but that depends on your neck size.
  • It’s not a unisex suit, greatly recommended for men.

3. Hyperflex Wetsuits

The Hyperflex wetsuit is built for the entry surfer and pro surfer, not leaving out the scuba divers and snorkelers. You’ll find it amazing as it made from a high-end 3mm premium ultra-supple neoprene. This material is durable and greatly warms you up, even if the weather condition is freezing. You can also use it for all watersports – lake sports (water skiing and tubing), swimming pools, or in the ocean when surfing, skim boarding, body boarding scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Above all, the Hyperflex wetsuit is very easy to get into and out of. It is incorporated with a back zip features with a YKK #10 Zipper that you can depend on even when you are using the suit in the most frigid conditions. If you often get irritated from using one wetsuit over a long period of time, then the Hyperflex suit is here to take that problem away.


  • Comes with a great range of sizes to fit just about any body type.
  • Durable wetsuit with flat lock seams that provides maximum comfort.
  • Offers limitless thermal protection possibilities.
  • Great value for your money.
  • Hyperflex also builds wetsuits for women and not just men.


  • Difficulty is choosing the right size
  • Feels a little bit stiff when you first trying it out, after that everything sets in.

4. Best OXA Men’s Wetsuits


If you always wanted to look beautiful and bright in the water as well as being the best actor the OXA Men’s Wetsuits is what you should go for. It’s popularly known as a Lycra wetsuit. Lycra is outstanding as it last way longer than nylon made wetsuits. That’s not all, the OXA Men’s wetsuits come with cuffs design, this is beneficial in the sense that it provides you with much flexibility when in water.

It makes your diving freer, when you dive free with less thought that you are putting on a wetsuit, you will notice and increase in your performance and a great reduction in friction. Above all, this cuff designs prevents the suit from folding up your legs


  • The Oxa Men’s need has no fold suture needle, giving you a more form fitting despite your body structure
  •  Great anti-corrosion zipper
  • It’s a full body wetsuit and Protects against high UVs such as UPF 50+
  • Can be used in a variety of environments. (Yoga, Diving, Swimming, Surfing, Speedboat, Tourism etc)
  • Comes with great looking colors


  • Other than the price, it is a perfect wetsuit for your water adventures.

5. Cressi Summer 2.5mm Men’s Back Zip Full Wetsuit

Some people really love swimming or taking a dive in temperate waters, if that is you, then the Cressi Summer full wetsuit is for you. It is made from a 3mm thick neoprene material which is very good for temperate waters – with this, you don’t need to be scared of those stinging jellies, crabs, and all other irritants present.

One thing you will find more interesting is its seams, they are glued and perfectly stitched to provide you great insulation under water. The zipper is nice, it an Aquastop under the zipper, I prefer this type of zipper because they are highly resistive to corrosion, you can use the wetsuit as long as you want without being afraid of losing the zip due to corrosion.


  • Easy to put on and off, thanks to the zips incorporated at the ankles and wrist.
  • At 80 ft, it still keeps you very warm
  • Provides unhampered movement and great flexibility due to its material – Neoprene is very stretchy
  • With its good panel design, it conforms to the body very nicely


  • Its neck zip can feel large sometimes, but using a Velcro strap you can fully tighten it to your taste.
  • Comes with a little higher tag price when compared to other suits, but it is a great suit for the tropics.


In as much as wetsuit are needed for almost every water activity, you should know that the quality and comfort will differ from person to person, but the above wetsuits I have mentioned have been generally agreed by prospective buyers as some of the best wetsuits that is worth your bucks.

They are comfortable, flexible, durable and can be used in a wide range of aquatic life and watersports activities. Whether you are just swimming, scuba diving, surfing or water boarding, you’ll sure find the right suit for you above – the have great size charts that can help you pick out the correct size for your body.