10 Best Full Face Snorkel Scuba Mask – Reviews 2020

What could spoil a good day of snorkeling? You guessed it! – Anything that takes the fun away from you. Best full face snorkeling mask is essential for enjoying the water, and the best snorkel mask will make the difference between a fun-filled time in the water and a disastrous one. These days full face snorkel masks are becoming quite popular and are actually making quite an impression on those who enjoy everything the water has to offer. With so many full face masks to choose from, it might become a little daunting to pick the best snorkel mask that suits your purpose. Whether you are choosing a snorkel mask for yourself, your spouse or your kids, be sure to check out reliable snorkel mask reviews before you make your purchase.

Things to look out for in choosing your full face snorkel mask include size, material, lens quality and other features that enhance your snorkeling experience. This full face snorkel mask review will go through ten of the snorkeling masks that are recommended for you to try.

Top 3 Full Face Snorkel masks: Editor’s Pick

Snorkel Mask Model
Editor's Rating
Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask
Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask- Panoramic Full Face Design
Octobermoon Original Second Gerneration 180°view Panoramic full face Snorkel Mask

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews:

1. Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

If ever you wished for a full face mask it’s when you are underwater and can’t breathe. Being able to breathe under the water as well as you can on land is what sets the Tribord EasyBreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask apart from the rest. The main difficulty with snorkeling is trying to breathe underwater with a snorkeling mouthpiece clenched between your teeth. For most snorkelers, the mouthpiece of the snorkel is too uncomfortable, gag-inducing, and even bad for hygiene. The advantage of using this high-quality mask is in your ability to stay a little longer under water without fear of running out of breath. That’s because the Tribord EasyBreath snorkeling mask is designed to allow you to breathe normally underwater without drowning. This choice from the top snorkel masks allows for you to see anything within 180 degrees. Vision underwater is crystal clear! No longer do you have to contend with blind spots while under water thanks to its wider field of view. This full face snorkeling mask is also leak proof.

A great feature is that it is designed to allow water that has entered through the top to be pushed out using a purge valve. You don’ t have to worry about your Tribord Easybreath getting fogged up either. That’s because of its unique double-air flow mechanism that prevents the collection of vapor on your lens. The Tribord Easybreath Snorkel Mask is made with a shatterproof polycarbonate window for greater safety underwater as well as for durability. Adjusting your straps is also quite easy even under water with these best full face snorkel masks to buy. When you wear the Tribord Easybreath snorkeling mask it is easy for others to see the top of your snorkel – so no collisions will occur.

The only restriction is that you cannot do free dives or take intensive swims while wearing this snorkeling mask. Note also that objects appear closer than they are, but that is only by a few inches. Choose an Easybrea the Snorkel Mask from three colors and find the best fit from four different sizes – for the biggest adult to the smallest child.

2. Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask- Panoramic Full Face Design

You and your family will love the Seaview 180 degree GoPro snorkel masks made by Wildhorn Outfitters. The Seaview 180 degree GoPro snorkel mask is a full faced snorkel mask that allows you to see everything within 180 degrees. It also allows you to breathe comfortably through your mouth and nose without the need for those unforgiving snorkel tubes. Yes, with these top rated full face snorkel masks you will be able to see more underwater creatures than what you would see using traditional goggles.

You can attach your GoPro camera quite easily to the GoPro mount to capture your underwater moments for sharing with friends and family. Dry snorkel technology used by this snorkeling mask stops salt water from entering your mouth and stops you from gagging. You might even wonder how this snorkeling mask performs in the anti-fogging department. The good news is that this snorkeling mask will not fog up because of its innovative design that features separate breathing chambers that create airflow away from your main viewing visor.

You can stay longer underwater thanks to the full face design. If you are bearded, you will need to shave it off so that your snorkel mask fits better. This snorkeling mask is, however, also quite easy to use, even a first-time snorkeler will quickly get the hang of it. It is however not recommended for free diving below 8 feet.

3. Outer Limits Full Face Snorkel Mask

Whether you are a snorkeler who loves to have fun or a serious explorer who snorkels, this next mask may be just the one for you. With this Outer Limits Full Face Mask you are certain to enjoy a wide angle view of what’s in the water. No longer do you have to contend with limited views thanks to its 180 degrees extended view underwater. Unlike other masks, this mask features a one-piece bubble lens designed to allow you to see everything around you without distortion and obstruction.

Also, your lenses won’t get foggy because of the cutting edge two-chamber design that allows the air you breathe out to leave the mask without clouding your view. Oh, did we mention that the snorkel on this mask is one inch longer than other masks? This will give you the advantage of staying underwater longer. Simply hold your breath and dive even as the dry snorkeling technology stops water from entering your mask. Furthermore, this mask allows you to breathe normally while you snorkel. So you won’t need to struggle with separate masks and snorkeling tubes again.

It’s as simple as placing your mask over your face, adjusting the straps, and you are good to go. You’ll also love how comfortable the elastic straps are. If you like taking pictures or videos underwater, then these best snorkel masks are also designed with a camera mount that will allow you to do just that. When purchasing your mask, check the sizing information to make sure that the size will be a perfect fit for you or the person you are buying it for.

The good news for persons with full beards is that your beard will not prevent you from comfortably wearing this snorkeling mask. Order yours in four colors and two sizes for adults and kids. This snorkeling mask is made for surface level snorkeling and should not be used for free diving.

4. Easy Snorkel Mask 180° Full Face Design

Both experts and beginners will also do well to use the Easy Snorkel Mask 180-degree full face mask. This snorkeling mask makes it easier for you to get a full view of the ocean and seabed with its wide angle view and clear lens. While typically other snorkel masks become foggy, the Easy Snorkel mask does not get foggy easily.

With these snorkel masks also you can breathe easy. This you can do through either your nose or mouth.You can also hear others and talk underwater when you wear this mask. It is also simple to share with other snorkelers without having to contend with a mouthpiece. Enjoy hours of snorkeling fun with this snorkeling mask that also features dry snorkel technology that prevents water from entering. Compared with other masks that are available, you will find that this mask has emerged on top of the one that does not leak. This is due to the straps made of soft fabric that will also allow your mask to fit snugly on your face.

These straps are also positioned for complete comfort, and you can easily slide the mask on or off. You will find these masks in two sizes – either medium or small, and three colors (Agua Blue, Purple, and Black.) You might find it a little inconvenient that you cannot touch your face because of the full face mask. In a nutshell, this mask is easy to wear even if you are a first-time snorkeler. On the minus side, the mask occupies a lot of space in your luggage so you will need to figure out how to pack it nicely. Also, you cannot free dive with these masks as they are not made for that purpose.

5. Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask with Panoramic View Anti-Fog

The Vaincre 180-degree full face snorkel mask offers a panoramic view of the world underwater while allowing you to breathe normally. You will certainly get the most from this innovative snorkel mask with every snorkel adventure you take. Not only are these good full face snorkel masks great for adults, but they are also suitable for kids as young as six years old. It is so easy to use, simply put it on and adjust your straps.

This snorkel mask is also supplied with a mount for your camera or GoPro to capture every detail of your snorkeling activity. The ability to breathe normally with your face submerged is the main reason for the increased popularity of full-face snorkeling masks. The dry snorkeling system that is a feature of the Vaincre snorkel mask allows you to breathe easily because of the valve that automatically closes when you go under to stop water from going into the breathing tube. Also, you don’t need to be concerned about your view getting foggy.

Your Vaincre snorkel mask is equipped with a cutting-edge breathing chamber that allows air to flow and prevents cloudy views. Expert snorkelers are not the only ones to use this snorkeling mask as it is also designed for beginners and children. You might, however, be a little put off by the bulkiness of this snorkeling mask when you need to pack it in luggage. This should not, however, deter you from using this snorkeling gear to full effect on your next snorkeling adventure. As with other full face snorkel masks, the Vaincre is not designed for free dives.

6. Octobermoon Original Second Generation 180°view Panoramic full face Snorkel Mask

Here is another full face snorkel mask that will make your snorkeling trip worthwhile. The Octobermoon Original Second Generation Snorkel Mask offers a full 180-degree view while snorkeling. This will allow you to have a very wide viewpoint compared with the traditional snorkeling goggles.

Unlike the snorkeling goggles which you would have to pair with a separate mouthpiece for breathing, you can breathe easier without the need for a mouthpiece. Simply slip the snorkeling mask on, adjust the straps and there you are – ready to explore the wonders of life underwater. Both adults and kids will fully enjoy using these innovative snorkeling masks from Octobermoon. These best rated snorkel masks come in large as well as small sizes to fit every member of your family. With this snorkeling mask also, fogging is not a major issue. Nor is leakage for that matter.

You will certainly enjoy your underwater adventures with no discomfort caused by leaking or fogged masks. This is because of the soft silicone that easily conforms to your face as you go underwater. It naturally creates a seal on your face using air pressure.

7. Full Face Snorkel Mask 2.0,2017 New Foldable Snorkeling Mask Full Face

How about a foldable full face snorkeling mask? That’s what you will get with the Full Face Snorkeling Mask 2.0 by X-Lounger. It is classified as a second generation folding snorkel mask which is frosted and is constructed of superior quality PC and FDA Silicone.

What makes this an outstanding snorkeling mask is the folding snorkeling tube that you can manipulate at the touch of a button. This design solves the problem of difficulty during installation, easily damaged buckle and the tendency for the breathing tube to be lost. This option from the snorkel masks is also equipped with a GoPro mount that you can detach as you like. Another unique feature is that you also get a GoPro extension pivot arm. This allows you to capture your snorkeling adventure from various angles and gives you more flexibility in the kinds of images you can capture.

Of course, as in all full face snorkeling masks, this one also allows you to have a very wide and panoramic view under the water. The difference is that the lens is not like the fisheye lens that makes things appear to be farther away than they are (this may cause headaches and dizziness) the flat lens provides a more realistic perspective. Not only will your snorkeling mask not fog up thanks to the separate exhale and inhale channels, but you will also be able to breathe normally as well. That’s a major relief from traditional snorkeling goggles with a separate mouthpiece that you need to bite down and clench your jaw to use. With a snorkel tube that is 9.3 inches longer, you will be able to dive deeper.

Another great feature is the automatic seal on top of the snorkeling tube that keeps water out of the air valve. You, therefore, won’t experience water seepage as you submerge yourself. As a precaution, if water somehow enters the mask, it is kept away from your nose and mouth in a chamber which eventually drains out when you lift your head out of the water. This is a surface snorkeling mask which is not meant for free dives.

Ensure that before you snorkel, your snorkeling mask fits correctly on your face. Even if you have an irregularly shaped head, you will find that this snorkeling mask is easy to adjust and use. It is also very durable so expect to have this snorkeling mask for a pretty long time. Whether you are a pro or a complete beginner, this full face snorkeling mask is a suitable choice for you.

8. Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask with Panoramic View Anti-Fog

You may also want to consider this second model from Vaincre – another 180-degree snorkel mask. This full face mask also offers a wide angle view while you are underwater. You need not be hampered by cloudy vision as the face lens do not fog up, and your view is crystal clear. You will also be able to breathe normally while wearing these best snorkeling masks thanks to their innovative breathing chamber that allows efficient airflow.

Your kids will also enjoy wearing these snorkel masks and you will easily find them in kid’s sizes as well as adult sizes. For those who enjoy taking photos and videos of what they see underwater, the camera mount is provided to do just that. You might, however, not like that it is a little cumbersome to pack inside your luggage. In any event, this snorkeling mask provides an awesome experience for pros and amateur snorkelers alike. While you will have loads of fun snorkeling with this full faced snorkeling mask, you cannot use the Vaincre for free diving.

9. Full Face Snorkel Mask AtlantiSea 180°

Every breath counts when you are snorkeling or spearfishing so this 180-degree full face snorkel mask from AtlantiSea is your solution. Breathe easily and freely through your nose and mouth as though you are on land. See why using this full face snorkeling mask makes your snorkeling or spearfishing adventure such a fun-filled one. It is so easy to put on and use this full face snorkel mask – simply put it on and tighten the straps, and there you go! Also, the straps are made of fabric that adds comfort to your snorkeling experience.

AtlantiSea’s patent-pending dry top tube will let air in and keep water out under any condition. So you can dive below the surface and come right back up again without hassle. The added advantage of a 180-degree view is also a great feature of these snorkel masks. You won’t have your vision blocked by the plastic frame of the typical snorkeling goggles. In addition to that, your snorkeling mask will not leak or get foggy. Experience crystal-clear views of the water as you explore sea life in all its glory. You won’t have to interrupt your snorkeling to clean your visor ever. To capture your snorkeling moments attach your GoPro equipment to the mount provided on your snorkeling mask.

The makers of AtlantiSea care about the natural environment so from the profits from every purchase donated 5% goes to the Nature Conservancy, the well-known charity that has dedicated itself to preserving the environment. It’s not difficult to find the right size for you or those you are buying snorkeling masks for, simply follow the sizing chart using the measurement from your browline to your chin as a guide. You might need to put in some pool practice to get the hang of breathing with this snorkeling mask if you are a first time user.

10. FishEye 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

One of the most irritating things that bother snorkelers is the snorkel mouthpiece. You might have experienced the sore gums, tired jaw, or the occasional slippage whenever you accidentally open your mouth. With the FishEye 180 Degree Full Face Snorkel Mask you won’t contend with any of these discomforts. You can breathe freely underwater with the FishEye full face snorkel mask. The FishEye fits comfortably and gives you a full 180-degree view of what is under the water.

Furthermore, you will also experience less water entering your mask thanks to the cutting edge dry snorkel technology. You need not worry about water invading your mask, instead, spend more time enjoying your snorkeling experience. Also, the anti-fog design of the FishEye full face snorkel mask allows for a separate breathing chamber that moves air away from your viewing visor. How cool is that? If finding the right size snorkeling mask is your main concern, it’s quite easy to select the perfect size and have the right fit courtesy of the adjustable elasticated headband.

If you want to dive deep underwater with this snorkeling mask, you will find it a little difficult as this mask is not meant for free dives. In fact, you will experience greater buoyancy with this snorkeling mask, so it’s a little harder to go deep. The good news about these snorkel masks is that they are not only for pros. Even first time users will find it quite easy to snorkel with. This snorkel mask is a definite choice for anyone who doesn’t like breathing through a mouthpiece.

Why owning a snorkel mask is better than renting one.

Believe it or not, there are distinct advantages to owning your own snorkeling mask. Here are a few of them, in no particular order: Now you know how to enjoy the scuba under water. But what, if you want to enjoy a hydrotherapy in your swimming pool? A portable spa will help you on this.

1. It is hygienic

No longer do you need to be concerned about whether the rental shop has properly sanitized the mouthpiece and snorkeling goggles they are renting you. With your own snorkeling mask, you already know that you are the only user of that gear. For hygiene’s sake, that is as safe as you can get. Also Read Best Dive computer click here​​​​​.​​​​​​​​​​

2. It is convenient 

As the owner of one of the top full face snorkel masks you can access your mask at any time you want rather than waiting on a rental shop to have it available or when it is open for business. You also don’t need to be concerned about returning it in good condition.

3. It fits better 

You know that the snorkeling mask you bought is the best fit for you because you took the time to select the right one that suits you. Even if you somehow received the incorrect fit, you can always return it and receive a replacement (ensure that you order in advance of your vacation to allow for returns). With a rental, you may be stuck with what you get or worse, end up without a snorkeling mask for your snorkeling vacation.

4. The quality is better 

The top class full face snorkel masks provide a complete 180-degree view which is not provided by the typical snorkeling goggles. Also, you won’t need to contend with swallowing water or choking on an inferior quality rented snorkeling gear. Definitely, you are sure to receive a better quality experience with your own snorkeling mask instead of rented ones.

5. It is more familiar to you  

Ertainly, you will be able to adjust quickly to using your own snorkeling mask after a few practice runs in a pool. After all, with your own snorkeling mask, you will be in a position to return to the familiar ground every time you use it instead of having to get accustomed to a different rental gear every time.

6. You can use it anytime 

You are free to choose how to use your own snorkeling mask and when you want to use it. Even if you do not actually use it for snorkeling, you can still benefit from using your snorkeling mask for swimming or other fun activities.

7. You save money 

If no other reason convinces you about the benefit of owning your own snorkeling mask, this one should. You actually save money by buying your own high-quality snorkeling gear. Everytime you rent a snorkeling gear you pay for the duration. With just a one time purchase, you would have eliminated the need to rent your gear repeatedly, and as long as you have it, you will be saving on the future cost of renting the same gear.

Thinks to Consider When Choose The  Full Face Snorkel Mask:

Avoid the mistake of choosing the worst gear that will make your snorkeling adventure a miserable one.

The Comfort

The first thing you need to ensure before you hit the water with your purchase from the  full face snorkel masks is that your snorkeling mask is a comfortable fit. Other than checking your head size by following the manufacturer’s size charts, you will need to adjust the straps for the best fit. Your snorkeling mask should not be too tight or loose when you fit it to your face. To make the right adjustments you would need to place the mask gently on your face and loop the strap toward the front. Inhale with your nose and check whether the mask stays in place and no air is leaking out. You know the mask has created a seal on your face if you don’t need to suck in air more than a few times.

Make sure the skirt fits evenly on your face. There should be no gaps for water to enter. Re-adjust the strap before putting the mask on. Check out how the mask feels. Is it still too tight? Too loose? Falling off? You can complete your adjustments until you have a perfect and comfortable fit. The last thing you want is to enter the water with a badly fitting snorkeling mask that is quite uncomfortable. Finally, look around for any blind spots in your field of view. Most snorkeling masks allow for a 180-degree field of view which is quite panoramic.

The Quality of your lenses

You see the claims all the time – that the snorkeling mask is a no-fog lens. While ideally, this is desirable, it is not always possible to have a snorkeling mask that is completely non-fogging. So, what do you check for? The full face snorkel masks are produced in various styles, including the twin, multiple or single lens designs. They also feature various shapes of lenses. The lens is also protected by coatings that can be applied to make it resistant to scratches. Snorkeling masks with single lenses do not carry a frame across the bridge of the nose.

It is, however, impossible to make such snorkeling masks with prescription lenses. With multiple lens snorkeling masks, window panes are designed into each side of the snorkeling mask to give it a more spacious effect as well as to provide superior peripheral vision. Some snorkeling masks are equipped with lenses that are coated especially to reduce glare and improve visibility underwater. Most second generation snorkeling masks carry a single lens that is flat, rather than bubble style, to provide increased visibility underwater.

The Skirt

Another consideration for the best snorkel mask is the material that makes the skirt. Simply put, this material must keep water out of your face! Most reviewers recommend masks with skirts made from superior quality silicone. This is to give you maximum comfort and complete sealing. Other, less expensive snorkeling masks are made with plastic or rubber skirts which actually crack or become brittle as time passes. These inferior quality snorkeling masks are generally not recommended.

High-end snorkeling masks also come with a secondary skirt that provides added protection against leaks.With advances in material technology, it is now possible to purchase snorkeling masks with thinner silicone skirts that add more comfort. High-quality masks also feature skirts made of silicone mixed with additives that prolong their lives and reduce UV ray damage. For the best performance from the skirt of your snorkeling mask, shave your beard and other facial hair.

The Frame

One consideration that is not much of a big deal for the newer full faced snorkeling masks is the frame. That is because the best snorkel masks are all framed designs compared with the standard snorkeling masks and goggles. That said, you would have noticed that the typical snorkeling masks are either frameless or framed.

Framed masks carry a rigid frame to keep the lenses, skirt, straps, and buckles intact. If you have stylish preferences, you may opt for colored frames in your masks. Masks without frames may look sleeker, and they cost less than framed masks. Frame masks are, however, better fitting and are longer lasting.

Buckles and Straps

You would need also to purchase snorkeling masks that are equipped with wide straps. This will allow for more comfort and flexibility in your snorkeling mask. It should be easy to adjust the straps to any size head for the best fit. Also, a user-friendly buckle mechanism is also important.

High-quality snorkeling masks feature an easy to operate push button release that eliminates the need to fumble with buckle adjustments. Modern snorkeling masks have also incorporated buckles in the strap and far from the frame to make it easier to adjust.

How To Get Rid of Fog in Your Snorkel Mask

Now that you have bought your snorkeling mask, it’s time to prepare it for use the first time. One of the preparations you need to make is to get it fog proof. But how is this done? You may know how your snorkeling mask would get fogged up in the first place. This is caused by water vapor forming on the inner surface of your visor. For this to happen, the glass must be cool and the air humid.

If the air is more humid the fogging gets worse. You know what will happen then – you can’t see anything. To get your snorkeling mask ready, you may apply anti-fog solutions that are available commercially on the surface of the visor. A quick and simple solution is actually to use your saliva. The trick is not to apply your solutions too early – wait until just before you are ready to dive in before you apply them. Snorkeling boots review.

How To Get the Mask Ready for First Time Use

In addition to getting your snorkeling mask prepared against fogging, you would need to have it ready for use the first time. To do this effectively, you will need to get rid of any residue from the manufacturing process before you use it. This can be done by washing your mask with warm soapy water. With this water, you can remove the manufacturer’s lubricant that was applied to prevent the silicone skirts from losing their flexibility and color. You may also use a mild abrasive cleaner on the inner sections of your glass lenses. For plastic lenses of full face masks, you’ll have to use another cleaner as abrasives will scratch the lenses. A simple trick also is to use toothpaste to completely clean the lenses to keep them from fogging up. Ensure that you don’t use gel type toothpaste though.

How to Take Care of Your Snorkel Mask

For your new snorkeling mask to last for a long time, you need to take good care of it. This should not be a difficult task as there are a few simple and easy ways you can keep your mask in tip-top shape. Make sure to always clean your mask lenses with soft cotton or lens cleaning cloth or wipes. Avoid contact with abrasive substances as your lenses will be damaged or become degraded over time.

Also, keep the silicone skirts and other silicone parts soft and pliable. This means, cleaning any suntan lotion you may have used before putting your mask away. Suntan lotions will cause the silicone to get hard which will make them less effective over time. Also, keep your snorkeling mask stored in a safe place in its carry bag to prevent it from being scratched.

Final Verdict

Here in our full face snorkel mask review, we have given you our recommendations on the kinds of full-face snorkeling masks you can try. These can be considered among the best snorkel mask selections on the market.

You may consider these when choosing your next snorkeling mask. Even if your reason for buying a full face snorkeling mask is to replace the standard goggles you normally use, you may need to carefully check out the various brands for their features before you buy. With our recommendations, you should be off to a good start.